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Investment Approach

Targets and styles of investments

Mid/Small cap companies with solid businesses seeking new growth opportunities, and/or suffering from temporary deterioration of earning and funding difficulties

  • Establishment and execution of an appropriate growth strategy and/or turnaround strategy
  • Conduct, in collaboration with their main banks, improvement of financials by executing balance sheet restructuring, debt-for-equity swap, underwriting new shares, etc.

Large/mid cap companies that need business restructuring and creation of new business models

  • Reorganize line of businesses by spin-off non-core businesses, create new business models, build appropriate management basis in order to enable overall optimum strategies, such as growth strategies, alliance strategies, etc.
  • Provide various measures to support dynamic reforms of group companies including MBO and spin-off, in order to achieve improved business mix and capital structure

Companies with line of businesses that are highly ripe for industry consolidation/reorganization.

Relationships with investee companies

Investment decision is made based upon sufficient consultation and agreement with the management team of potential investee companies with respect to management policies.

Enhance stake of each stakeholder through improvement of corporate values.

Seek to acquire majority shareholding in principle, except for the specific cases where enough control mechanisms such as agreement on a management policy and on a way to achieve the policy with management team are put in place before investment.