Company Name

New Horizon Capital, Co., Ltd.


Yasushi Ando, CEO


Sumitomo Fudosan Hibiya Bldg., 9th Floor
2-8-6, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan

Business commencement

Feb. 2002
New Horizon Capital (NHC) established, spun-off from Phoenix Capital Co., Ltd.

Business Activities

Management of investment funds (mainly equity investment)


Feb. 2002 Phoenix Capital Co., Ltd.  is established
Mar. 2002 Launches Japan Recovery Fund (JRF)
Oct. 2002 Launches Nippon Revival Fund I (NRF-1)
Jun. 2004 Launches Japan Recovery Fund II (JRF-2)
Jul. 2004 Launches MMC Fund
Oct. 2006 New Horizon Capital established spun-off from Phoenix Capital Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2007 Launches New Horizon I
Jan. 2008 Launches HT Fund
Nov. 2012 Launches New Horizon II
Nov. 2017 Launches New Horizon III
Feb. 2021 Post Corona Recovery Co., Ltd. is established
Jul. 2022 Launches Post-Covid Recovery
Nov. 2022 Launches New Horizon IV

NHC Singapore Office

11 Collyer Quay, #10-16 The Arcade Singapore 049317
General Manager: Ichiro Kawada
・20+ years experience in domestic and overseas PE investment
・Long-term business experience in Southeast Asia, Familiarity with Southeast Asia
・Strong network with oversea business partner candidates

Our Team