• CEO

    Yasushi Ando

    Mr. Ando is one of the best-known investment managers in the private equity fund industry in Japan. As a founding managing partner of Phoenix Capital, he has made Phoenix Capital one of the best private equity firms in Japan in terms of its size and performance. He has served on the boards of companies including Housetec Inc. (formerly known as Hitachi Housetec), Tokyu Construction, Seiki-Tokyu Ind., TEAC Corp., Gold-Pak, and Mitsubishi Motors. He is well-known for his unique approach to improving company performance. Before founding Phoenix Capital, Mr. Ando served as chief manager of the Investment Banking Division at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, where he took a leading role in promoting the bank’s international investment banking business. He also has ten years of international commercial banking business experience, as well as five years of trading experience.
    Mr. Ando holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

  • CFO

    Ryuji Sato

    Prior to joining NHC, Mr. Sato worked for a major accounting firm for more than 10 years and has experience in corporate audits, M&A advisory as well as advisory for IPOs. He joined NHC in 2006 at its inception. Mr. Sato leads the firm's finance, administrative, legal and compliance activities. He also has engaged in corporate turnaround support for the investment in Housetec, Inc. as an external board member. Mr. Sato holds a BA degree in Law from Meiji University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Japan.

  • CIO

    Tokusuke Shin

    Mr. Shin worked on advisory operations such as accounting audits of listed companies, M&As, corporate recovery, etc., at KPMG. In 2004, he joined Phoenix Capital Co., Ltd. as a director. He was involved in the support of investees as a member of the Business Rehabilitation Committee at Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and others. He also supported global negotiations. As the person in charge of fund operations, he has guided the management of Gold-Pak Co., Ltd., leading the project that succeeded in listing the company on the JASDAQ securities exchange in 2006. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Melbourne University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Managing Director

    Yoichiro Kurosawa

    Mr. Kurosawa has 25 years of experience in and around the private equity investment business, both as an investor and as part of an investee’s management team. As a Managing Director at Phoenix Capital, he has engaged in management support for investee companies as a member of the board or corporate rehabilitation committee. Prior to that, he was with JAFCO, a private equity investment group, including five years at its San Francisco and Palo Alto operations. Mr. Kurosawa holds a BA degree from Sophia University, a Masters degree in Sustainable Technologies from Tohoku University where he obtained a Program Officer on Environment certificate, and an Executive MBA from Keio University.

  • Managing Director

    Keizo Kaneko

    Mr. Kaneko started his career at one of the largest accounting firms in 1987 conducting corporate audits. After that, he was involved in various M&A transactions as an M&A advisor first at the Investment Banking group at Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.from 1990 and then at the Investment Banking Division of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co. Ltd.Since joining NHC in 2007, he has served on the board of Housetec, Inc., where he supervised the CFO to lead management and governance reforms and promote the implementation of corporate values. He graduated from the Faculty of Science, Chiba University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Deputy CIO
    Managing Director

    Atsushi Nagatoshi

    Prior to joining NHC, Mr. Nagatoshi was the CFO of an IT marketing startup backed by major international venture capital firms. He has also experienced several important roles in ITC industry enterprises in Japan and Asia, including DeNA as the head of IR in their corporate planning division, Asteria (fka.Infoteria) as General Manager of Corporate Planning Dept. At Asteria, he has also led the company’s expansion to overseas market, i.e., acquisition of a U.S company and set up of a marketing subsidiary in China. Graduated International Highschool of Dusseldorf in Germany and Law division of Chuo University in Japan.

  • Managing Director

    Takuya Yoshioka

    Prior to joining NHC, Mr. Yoshioka worked at KPMG AZSA LLC for four years where he gained experience in corporate auditing, internal control auditing and accounting advisory services for a variety of companies. Since joining NHC in 2015, he has experienced several investment deals and post-investment management. He has also engaged in administrative accounting and fund disclosure for the investors. Mr. Yoshioka holds a BA degree in Economics from Keio University, an MBA from Hitotsubashi University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Japan.

  • Managing Director

    Masayuki Taniai

    Mr. Taniai started his business career at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (formerly known as Chuo Trust Bank) where he gained experience in corporate finance and real estate investment. After that, he was transferred to a private equity investment subsidiary where he was responsible in investments and investor relation. In 2021, he returned to Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, where he was engaged in private equity investment management. He has over 15 years of experience in private equity business. He holds a BA degree in Law from Hitotsubashi University.

  • Managing Director

    Yusuke Nagase(Contract Employee)

    Prior to joining NHC, Mr. Yusuke Nagai worked at KPMG AZSA LLC, where he gained experience in corporate auditing centered on manufacturing, trading companies, and information and communication companies, as well as public offering support. He also has experience in general accounting and maintenance of management accounting for companies in the process of growth. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University. Certified Public Accountant in Japan.

  • Director

    Yusuke Komatsu

    Prior to joining NHC, Mr. Komatsu worked at Hachijuni Bank where he gained experience in corporate lending and personal asset management, and he engaged in investment operations for turnaround funds and venture funds at Hachijuni Capital. Since joining NHC in 2019, he has experienced several investment deals and post-investment management. He holds a BA degree in Faculty of Commerce from Nihon University.

  • Director

    Kazutoshi Asada

    Mr. Asada started his career at Sony Group Corporation as a production system development engineer for assembly products. In 2015, he changed to Asahi Tax Office and worked on tax accounting services as well as business planning and corporate valuation for small and medium-sized enterprises. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is a tax accountant and a small and medium enterprise management consultant.

  • Director

    Hiromi Shinagawa

    Her first career was showroom management and product planning at a Tokyo Gas group company. After working at Softbank Investment (now SBI Holdings) in the accounting and finance departments, she transferred to SBI Investment, where she was involved in fund management, including VC, corporate revitalization investments, and monitoring of overseas investment vehicles. After joining NHC in 2015, she is in charge of overall administrative operations, including fund management. Graduated from Showa Women's University, Faculty of Home Economics.

  • Senior Advisor

    Kazutoshi Todo

    Mr. Todo has over 30 years of experience in Bank of MUFJ and held several managerial roles in the bank’s Economic and Industry Research division, Corporate Finance division, and Financial Institutions division, including the Corporate Banking officer at Hong Kong Branch. He also has an experience serving for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as a Senior Economist. Since Joining NHC as a senior advisor in 2016, he had also served as CEO in Mag2, Inc. until September 2017. After serving as COO, he has been a director on board since April 2023. Mr. Todo holds a BA degree in Law from University of Tokyo.

  • Senior Advisor

    Naoko Hatakeyama

    Prior to joining Phoenix Capital in 2005, Ms. Hatakeyama engaged in corporate recovery and strategic consulting as a founding partner of the Corporate Strategy Group of the Deloitte Touche Group. Before that, she was a partner at the Deloitte Touche Consulting Group (DTCG) when Braxton Consulting, the Boston-based strategic consulting firm where she started her consultant career, merged with DTCG. Ms.Hatakeyama holds a Masters degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from the Harvard University School of Education.


  • Domestic and foreign equity investment experts
    Makoto Isshi
  • Specializes in corporate rehabilitation
    Yasushi Shimosaka
  • Specializes in international taxation
    Toru Suda
  • Expert in Chinese taxation and accounting
    Cheng Li
  • Expert in international business law
    Akira Yamada